About CompareKing

CompareKing was founded with one simple goal in mind: To compare EVERYTHING!

Our founders set out to provide the world’s first completely honest and unbiased platform where users can instantly compare everything.

How it works
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Honest Comparisons

Most people are unaware that today’s comparison websites (yes, even your favorite ones) are biased and designed with one objective - to make money. Vendors pay those sites to rank their products, and visitors are misled to purchase inferior products.

Enter CompareKing

At CompareKing we only offer 100% honest comparisons. We want to help you find the best possible product. We won’t take any bribes, allow for sponsorships, or offer paid product placements. We've aggregated millions of real customer reviews and provided summaries to help you make the right decision. By using our extension and website, you’ll be able to instantly see the top products.

Powered by YOU!

CompareKing is powered by millions of real customer reviews. We are constantly researching and comparing products, and our team of experts is working hard to find the very best products in every category. However, we are open to your feedback. If you feel that certain products should be listed on our website please let us know!