Who's writing these reviews?

We have a small team of experts based in the United States. 

How do you write the reviews?

We have a few different strategies we use to provide reviews that are both correct and useful. We comb through real customer reviews on sites like Amazon and Trustpilot, and use those user comments to identify strengths and weaknesses. We also read through common review sites, and figure out what the experts are saying about a product. Sometimes, our reviews are based on real-world interaction with a product. Know that when you're reading a review on our site, it was written by a real person who knows what they're doing. 

Are you stealing my data with your extension?

We do have to track a small amount of your personal data, so that our extension can show up when it's needed and hide when it's not. However, all the data we collect is completely anonymous, stored on private CompareKing servers that only our most trusted staff have access to, and is only used to make the site and extension better. We don't sell any of the data we collect, and we won't hand it over to anyone else. 

What do the banners I'm seeing on products mean?

On many of our products, you'll see banners with a short description of the product.  

Every category has a King's Choice. This is the best product in that category - the product that our reviewers would buy.

You'll also see many products marked as Best Value. These are the best products for saving some cash. If you're shopping on a budget, this is the product you should buy. 

Most of the other banners are pretty clear - you'll see the Most Popular, the Easiest To Use, and the Best For Travel, among others. 

I disagree with your rankings. How do I tell you that?

Feel free to contact us - we welcome input from our users. If you have real experience with one of the products on our site, let us know.